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This event is for those who are lost,again and again, feeling empty and do not know where to start. This is for you.
Sit with us despite who you are how you look like or where you have been.

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"During the weekends, i savour the taste of alcohol drinks, dance through the night with a black dress wrapping me tight And when morning comes, i cleanse myself,thanking Him for giving me another day to live to see the sun and the sky, to be able to walk and eat,to be able to do everything just like days before

While walking across the street, i saw "them".
They were running towards the mosque, to sit and listen to their teachers.

My heart craves to be among them. among the seekers of knowledge. Me? Learning the deen? I can hear the devil laughing and mocking me whispering to me, "You're not worthy"

I peep through the doors of the mosque as i heard the teacher starts the class with a prayer. Tears flow from my eyes and this heart mourns.
Oh is this a sign My Lord?

A sign for me not to take my days for granted?
To understand the true meaning of this life?"

It's like catching a glimpse of heaven on earth. But how can i be a better being. I cover my face crying feeling ashamed as the sins lingers in my mind “