Dear Muslimah,

Don't fall for sweet nothings. Don't fall for men who wears jubah and serban.

Don't fall for them when they say Wallahi you deserve nothing but the best and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Don't fall for men who works under islamic line or islamic anything. Don't fall for their words when they preach.

Because all of this are traps. They are traps that were meant for us.

The sisters who easily fall for the "clean white jubah and serban look"

The sisters who easily fall for "wallahi i want to get married to you"

The sisters who easily fall for "Assalamualaikum ya ukhti"

I know not all men are like that.

But this is a reminder from me the experience ones who hold on to promises because some of them should know the hukum hakam of not fulfilling up to their promises.

Promise me will you? Just don't fall for their outer layers of themselves. A serban and a jubah should be worn with pride because of their love towards Rasulullah.

And we should not fall for the things they wear.

Promise me will you ? Don't let words and words of promises that they said, disappoint you when they started to disappear within a few mths or weeks or days.


Words if not followed by actions are just alphabets being spelled out and words if not followed by actions are meant to hurt you because u put hope onto something that was uncertain.

Promise me will you? Don't fall for their jobscopes because even if they worked under islamic sector, ustaz of any kind or even burying the dead, they are humans too. They have flaws. Just like you and me. Dont fall for their jobscopes. 
I respect everyone who is working under islamic sector but im doing my part as a sister to remind other sisters who falls many times in this kind of traps.

Lastly, dear muslimah, fall for yourself everyday,love yourself and appreciate everything that Allah have given you. Sometimes Allah sends this ppl to us is to see if we are changing to be better for Allah or are we changing to be better for them.

And when Allah loves you; HE will bring your crazy love head that was in the air back down to the ground sobbing on the sajadah in your prayers and shows you what real true love is. And once you have Allah in your heart, real men will seek you thru Him and He will ease everything for both of you.

Your part is to pray pray pray and abide by all HIS rules and make Quraan as asbab that will heal you. Practice Sunnah and always remember the amazing wives of Rasulullah, his daughter Saidatina Fatima, so that you will learn to be like them. Have parts of their qualities. Make them your role models

I end my post with a reminder that not all men are like this and a quote that i've posted before
"Istilah jaga diri itu sgt mendalam. Dear Muslimah, please jaga diri"

Forgive me for a sensitive post but i've been through many cases like this. If you think this can benefit another sister, do share. No permission needed.❤