To Be Beautiful

Dear Muslimah,

To be beautiful, it is not define but what society wants you to be. To be beautiful, is what it means to live with a beating heart.


For every beauty is seen differently by a naked eye, the shoes that makes someone else prettier, doesn't necessarily fits you. The eye makeup that is painted on the crease of other woman's eyes doesn't necessarily suits you either

HE created you beautiful in a way that other human beings cannot see beyond their naked eye. They only have one tool to see your beauty. And that is their heart.

Your beauty lingers along the lines of the wrinkles and scars. Your beauty lingers along the lips and mouth that utters only good words that heals others.

Your beauty clings on to your humbleness

Your beauty clings on to your feet that steps forward to help others.

You don't need anyone else to reassure you that you are beautiful. You ARE beautiful. If some men or women says otherwise, that is because they don't know you. They don't see the beauty in imperfection. They don't see your beautiful heart that beats for HIM

So go on wipe that tears away and push those low self esteems to the corner. Stand up and look at yourself.

See how that smile shines through.Every bit of you is beauty in HIS eyes because HE created the most Masha Allah panoramic view you have ever seen and one of it is YOU.