To All Mothers

Dear Muslimah,

Being a mother, is one of the things that most women wants to achieve.
Some are blessed with many children, but some are blessed with children in Jannah.

Being a mother, is the biggest responsibility that Allah have blessed upon us. It is a start of a journey for a new human being. It is where they learn most of the things. And mothers are often the ones who will be at home, guiding, teaching, and giving full attention to this being.

Being a mother, is juggling chores, work, and everything else but the most importantly being a mother is to be the first university, the first madrasah, the first heart that a child would graduate from in their early childhood.

It is because of the qualities of the selfless act, the biggest heart, the sacrifices, that Allah have blessed upon a mother, that makes a child grows up to be who they are.

For every labour pains, for every scars, for every challenges that a mother goes through, it is because of the tremendous love towards their children. It is because they believe that Allah will grant them Jannah, and every difficulties that they have faced, nothing can compare to the reward that Allah will give them

Dear Muslimah, when you become a mother, you are responsible to teach and guide your kids to be a good muslim, to put in knowledge, to guide them and train them to have good akhlak.

It is important for us to teach them manners,especially when we are the ummah of akhir zaman where everyone is cruel to one another, we should be mothers who teach our children kindness and empathy, manners in respecting the elderly, speak only the truth, not to be rude even when a person is rude to them. We should teach them that they do not have to be vicious and cruel to be successful, or to change themselves to fit in this dunya.

Our goals should be raising children that will lead us to Jannah, our goals should be raising children who will make us proud not just through their success in education both in ukhrawi and duniawi but we should also raise children who are kind and good people who stands out and whose names are being mentioned most by the angels above, and whom Allah redha for every move they make.

It is not easy raising a child in this era, but it is not impossible. They say choose your spouse wisely because it will affect your future generation, but I say be the person you want to raise, be the person that you want to guide, be the best person now so that you know how to raise one.

Allah have laid out so many examples of the best mothers like Saidatina Khadijah, like Saidatina Fatimah, learn and seek knowledge and prep ourselves to be good mothers. If we are halfway there, and we are not in the right direction, every day that you are given a chance to live, everyday is a chance to improve on ourselves.

It is never too late, each step is a learning journey.

To the best mothers.

May we know them
May we be them
May we raise them

And to those who are still waiting , your time will come soon if it is not here in dunya, you will get the best reward from Allah for your sabr in akhirah and Allah rewards those who are Sabr.