The Unseen

Dear Muslimah,

Feelings, they are unseen but they are not to be played with

How can someone leave you without saying anything after months of getting to know them and even planned for marriage?

When they see you as "not their type" they distant from you slowly, they reply your msgs late. They don't talk about marriage anymore. They decided to block you on all social medias.

Don't they have a heart? Have they lost their humanity? Why do they think that the unseen like the feelings, do not need to be acknowledge?

Why do we allow such person to hurt us that way?

And when he disappears, your kind heart forgives him. You swallow your pride and let him get away with it. Because you do not want to force a person to stay. You do not want to beg or burden him with love.

You have a principal in life that you hold on to. When a person is forced to love you that is when you leave. When a person do not like you, you won't put up a fight to stay, because it takes two to tango. It takes two to hold on to the ropes, but when one let go, there is no point of holding on.

One day, Allah showed you why he was not meant to be with you. Allah showed you that he has preyed on other women. The same place that he used to bring you, the same words and promises, the same jokes, the same pickuplines, the same hope he gives, he used it to prey on other girls,other women, because he've lost it, he likes this games.

You pity him and made doa that Allah will change him. And all this girls remained silent because they thought they are doing a guy a favour to cover the things that he have done.

Ladies! He don't deserve your pity because he keeps on going and moving on to another girl till one day he gets caught.

And no one knows the things he do, because he is the perfect one among the family, he is the best buddy among his friends and he is the boss's best friend.
It's sad but it's true, he was only cruel to you and the girls after you, the girl before you, and the list goes on.

You loved him but so did the other girls. He is not worthy of your love. Move on because when you finally shift your heart to something greater than loving a man, you love the one who created that love.

Allah puts you into this test,breaks your heart for you to come back to Him,to show you that this person exist. Allah will heal you through friends who will influence you to be better and that is when you promise your heart that you will never love someone so easily, you will never do anything in the name of love, you will only abide by HIM and one day, He will reward you for your brokenness, because you deserve a better love and this time, it will be from HIM.