The Last Breath

Dear Muslimah,

What if one day, you wake up and you find yourself not being you. What if you are left with only your soul and nothing more. Your body is just a thing and nothing more than that. Your clothes, your makeup, your braces, your fake lashes, your niqab, your purdah, your jubah , your abaya, your high heels, your certs, your money means nothing at all.

Whoever you are, it will come to you one day. And what if that day is today?

Death comes unexpectedly, unknowingly, you thought that you are only in your teens, or in you twenties and it is impossible but death still comes at you ignoring your age.

There is a quote by someone and it says " Life would ask Death, why does everyone love me but hates you? And death would reply Because you are a beautiful lie and I am the painful truth"

Life it gives you so many hopes and at times it tricks you that you will live forever when deep inside you, you know that one day death will come knocking.

I am not trying to scare you but have you ever thought about death? What have you prepare for yourself? What did you do to attain a "good death" ? What have you pack for yourself to meet Allah?

I'm pretty sure we all have that voice at the back of our head saying ,"No I'm not ready, it can't be today right? Allah knows I'm not ready to die" 
So when will you ever be ready?
If you are reading this now, this is a reminder for you to prepare yourself for death.

Since everyone have "Life Goals" let's list down our
"Death Goals". How do you want to die? You want to die while your aurat is properly covered ? Do you want to die when you are in the club?
Do you want to die doing bad things or good things? 
Do you want to die after saying something bad to your parents or do you want to die when your parents are happy with you?

I know we can't plan our death but lets just say you can, don't you want Allah to take you in a state that you are "ready"?
You want death to invite you when you are doing good because atleast you know at the end of your life, you live it well and have done your best to please Allah.

One of the things that I will do to myself to remind me that death can come anytime, I will read the news because in a day, so many unexpected things can happen in every part of the world, and I will tend to ask myself, what if that's me? What will I do when Allah take me in that state?

Secondly, I will read or hear lectures about the azab kubur.
My late dad, he has a different parenting techniques, than most dad. Everyday,he used to leave for work and I will rarely watch TV in the morning. So he opened up a recording of scary things such as death at times the topic is about Qiyamah and then there will be re enactment of voice of a person being scared alone in the grave and in the recording the narrator describing every single thing, about how he is being wrapped too tight, how he have never feel so lonely, how painful is the sakaratul maut..and the list goes on.

Scary isn't it? And I was only 3. I still remember how I was always crying because I was scared to die in a state when Allah is unhappy with me. At only 3, my dad surely pressures me. He always emphasise on doing solat on time and how I needed to be able to read the quraan and he always ends the day with "Nanti kat kubur siapa nak tolong Nur kalau bukan all the things you do?" Nope I didn't get it at that time, but I was still super scared when he said that.

My late dad, he was already ill when he got married with my mum, so he was reminded of death everyday, he wanted me to learn that death is the truth, it will come and will never miss a person. And at 4 when Allah took him away from me, I was ready, because he prepared me for it. May Allah bless his soul and accept his amalan and the sacrifices he made for his family. Ameen.

It's good to scare yourself to let your ego down to cry and to strip off every inch of arrogance in you. It will help you to remind yourself that you are nothing in this world if you do not prepare yourself properly for death, We all have a responsibility to live our life well, yes it is a must, but we often forget that we also have the responsibility to die in a state of Islam, in a state when Allah is please with us,

Fight with your nafs till the very end to always become a better person, not for anyone else but to always improve yourself so that when death comes, you have done well to live your life. Look at the sky, look at the moon, look at everything around you, all this will end but you may not have the chance to look upon all this because Allah have blessed you with an early death before the Qiyamah.

Go to classes, pengurusan jenazah courses, go to majlis reminding you of Rasulullah and learn about him, learn his sirah and how he passed on, when you learn about death, you will see life differently and you will embrace and thank Allah for all the nikmat you were given.

Tonight, there's a show on Suria and it is on death, maybe that will give u a head start of everything, and may Allah bless those people who tries to break through dakwah through that show.

~Can I ask a favour? Recite Al Fatihah for my dad and slip in his name in your doa will you please?. 

Thank you everyone. :")