Moving On

Dear Muslimah,

It's okay to take your time to move on, It's okay to cry to let your emotions out.
No one knows your heart, not even you. Only Allah knows what is the condition of your heart.

Everytime you are crying, you are expressing all your hurt and pain in a physical way, your tears are not signs of your weakness, it is a sign that you are strong enough to feel the pain.

Dealing with such pain and hurt, no one understands, and everyone keeps telling you to stop crying, just because they thought that it was the right thing to say. You stopped crying abruptly not because you are done with the pain, it's because you wanted to toughen up, you wanted to hide the pain so that no one will think that you are weak.

No my dear muslimah, let it out. Let this few weeks, be the weeks that you let your heart out to your Creator, to cry and complain to Him. Every conversation, every tears, let it be that He knows. Allah is indeed the one that knows everything about us, but by telling him, you are giving in to Allah, the bestfriend that never leaves, the one that loves you so deeply, and Oh how He heals.

It is okay to take time to heal, to not be over it as soon as anyone else because this are feelings, this is a heart, the king of all organs,this needs fixing. Crying is good to flush out all the negativity, crying for a few days or weeks to be stronger than before.

And this phase will pass, you will eventually forget how this will feel like. For the things or the people you have lost this year, Allah will give you something you've never imagined having.

While you are in the process of healing, you will learn to appreciate what Allah have given you. You will talk to Him every single day and you will thank Him for everything, because you know how it is like not being appreciated, you will be even more kind with yourself and you will start to appreciate the things you do for yourself. You will care for yourself even more

You will then learn the art of letting go, and you will learn the art of holding on. Letting go seems like a coward thing to do ,but you have hold on for too long that your grip was stuck on a rope that was already let loose on the other side. No one on the other side of the rope is holding on to the rope that you fight for,that person has already left you, they didn't want to fight for you anymore, And if you were to pull hard you will fall, so let go my dear, you will be free from this pain.

Take it from me, as my heart is still broken from the recent news I've received, take it from me, from the heart that is broken yet not fix, take it from me from the one that gives in to Allah and letting Him fix slowly but surely, take it from me who keeps moving forward while Allah is fixing the heart that has been shattered.

Trust me, I know how it feels to be broken, but Allah knows you and me better, so let Him be, let Him be the one to fix you, all you need to do is to remember Him and He will remember you.