Love Yourself

Dear Muslimah,

Accepting your flaws, is accepting yourself.

Your true self, beneath all of that makeup, all of that serums or products that you are using, you need to love yourself the way you are.

Because if you don't love all of your flaws, how do you expect others to love the way you are.

Self care, and appreciating the way you are, is loving yourself. And this is important.

It is a sign of feeling grateful towards little things that you have.

And you will stop comparing yourself with everyone else or what people say about you.

Wear your flaws like a badge. If you want to work on improving your flaws, then do it not for anyone else, do it for you.

So here i am coming clean. I am kind of on a big size, i have scars on my face. I have a mix combination of skin. I love me. And im working on my flaws because of me.

It's alright not to be okay ❤