Dear Muslimah,

It is a brand new week, brand new day and it is soon going to be a new month .

Despite not achieving all the goals that we have set, we know that we have gone through so many things this year that changes us to be who we are now.
The goals and plans that we have,may not be achieve yet not because we do not strive for it but life happens, Allah have better plans

Do not be sad, disappointed when you have failed yourself, or if you think you have wasted a whole year. I am sure that most of us have not plan to screw up most of the days this year through bad decisions. We have to believe that they are not failures but more of a choice that we make to make us learn and experience life as it is.

Whether you are married early this yr then getting a divorce within this year, or you were pregnant but you lost your child the same year, you have loved ones who were alive early this yr but they passed on, or you were in love with a person who wanted to marry you but he ended up getting married with someone else, we didn't plan any of this to happen but trust me dear muslimah, Allah plans this only to reroute it to our main goal.

Everyone of us made a doa and ask something from Allah, we didn't know if it is granted or not because we tend to look at the negative side of things when things we plan didn't go our way. Right? We lack the beauty of understanding the definition of how trials that comes to us leads to a better purpose because we often take it as it is. We didn't take our time to analyze the whole situation.

A divorce or a separation may be good or even a mercy from Allah when it happens because that person may not be the one you have asked for. You wanted someone who can guide you well towards Allah, you wanted a good guy, and when Allah separates him from you, Allah knows he is not good for you.

When Allah take away your loved ones through death, it is only because their time is over in Dunya and Allah wants to take them back to make them rest from the cruelty of Dunya, and to always remind you that one day you will be taken back to Him.

Every death that you see ,every funeral, it should wake you up from within, it is to tell your soul that it doesn't belong here. Cleanse them, feed them with knowledge and amalan. It was a reminder from Allah for you to work harder to find his redha before death comes, And there are many many who were dead wished that they could solat more or do more good deeds to increase their pahala. But they were too late.

For everything that you have lost, for everything that you have not achieve, have faith that something better awaits you. See the bigger picture. Don't just see why it happen or who did it, but see that Allah is behind everything that happens in your life.

Everyday is a chance to be better, everyday is a choice to be thankful, every experience be it good or bad, is a path of happiness and contentment. It is not the time or year that defines your success but how you cope with the things that fails you, defines your success. When you work hard, Allah sees everything, and if it didn't go as plan, it's because that it is not what Allah plans, and if only you knew how He plans your life, you will not question Him.

Remember dear muslimah, Allah loves you and everything that He do is for you to get closer to Him. He didn't want you to lose to Shaytan, He wants you to win in dunya for akhirah.

Don't lose yourself, don't beat yourself up with self blaming, don't be sad, live well, wipe those tears, it is time to rise again and be beautiful and amazing in the eyes of Allah