Dreaming of Dreams

Dear Muslimah,

What is it that you dream of becoming?

When we were young, our teachers gave us examples of a perfect job, it could be a policeman, a pilot, a teacher, a doctor etc. And we take it as it is, because we were young and we were like sponges that absorbed anything that was being displayed.

But as we grew older, most of us,our dreams changes

My family is really talented in music. My Pak Andak for example, he is a true musician who can play anything, but his favourite of all the instrument is the trumpet, and he practiced day and night to perfect the melody, to fit it into the music scores that he composed. He was also a film student for many years with my other uncle who is currently a wiriter/producer for a few shows on Astro

My Pak Andak gave up his passion for music and went into filming and became assistant producers for a few dramas in Malaysia and he wrote a few scripts. But living in other country is tough for him but he never gives up.

My other uncles they were musicians too, they went to music schools with so many musicians known as legends this days and when I listened to all their stories and looked at the pictures they showed me, I've always wonder why aren't they getting any recognition?

On top of that my aunts and my mum used to go for drama classes and they act and attend singing lessons and believe it or not some of the actress veteran knows them personally. Still I was wondering why aren't they getting recognition. It was their dreams and passion and they have invested a lot of money in it thinking that it will be a career for them. But it didn't happen.

When my grandfather passed away, all of them changed their paths. Theybecame serious in their job, they took jobs that secured their everyday meal, my Pak Andak became a navy officer, my Uncle Tony became a sailor who is so so so good with his art and craft, he draws really well and sews leather , (creating something from nothing)

My aunt became a businesswoman, my mum, she just worked hard everywhere just to support the family. Life happened. And their dreams change. They worked hard for their dreams but Allah have better plans,none of them expected the drastic change of paths but Allah knows best. However, they have never regretted the chances that they have taken, because it was part of their life and even it was what they have always wanted, Allah knew that they deserve much more than that.

As I grew up, I have always dream of becoming a singer, actress, and emcee. I practice with the best, I had vocal coach from Hanafi Warren, I had drama lessons, I had everything I ever wanted to achieve that dream.

And things didn't work out as I leave my dreams once I became a wife and a mum. 
and I thought there goes my life. But being a mum is an unknown potential that was waiting to emerge from me, and I'm kind of good at it, But I felt something was missing which was the crave for a passion and a dream

Then one day, as I was doing dishes, Allah brought back an old memory during secondary school days. I was being bullied for a few years, and one day, I got locked up during recess by some bullies in a cubicle with my bags in it during recess time. I only had a bread that mum packed for me.

I ate it in the toilet and cry. While crying and being all emotional , I decided to do the karangan assignment given to me by my malay teacher to distract myself. I loveee karangan. So I finished up the assignment and fast forward to 2 days later, I was being awarded for the best karangan among the level. Yes that was the most epic karangan that I have ever done in my entire life.

And that was when I realised, Allah was trying to talk to me in pushing me into a different direction, and that was "writing."

Years later, I came to realise that most of my followers both on fb and Ig are those like me too,you girls love books and reading don't you? hehe. My writings and postings brought me to where I am now. Alhamdulillah. And my limited "Dear Muslimah" book will launch this Saturday through personal Standby Tissue session. Alhamdulillah..:")

I have finally decided to run through my diaries and notebooks early this morning and found so many unpublish works that I have done in the past, the dream is to publish all those works, and hopefully InsyaAllah directing the readers to the right path, influencing them and benefitting them through my writings,

What I'm trying to say is that some dreams don't work out even when you have put tears and sweats in it. Not because you don't work hard on it but at times when life happens, Allah puts you into a situation that redirect your route. He gave you the "other key". He gave you the key of a bridge so that you can be the tool of a bigger purpose. We are not serving just the dunya, we are serving the dunya for akhirah, and He wants the best for you. He wants you to reach Jannah

No matter what your dreams are, the most important thing to do is to never be afraid of failing, it is not the failures or disappointments that matters, it is how you get up and fight back.

I know it is cliché to say this and maybe you have heard this so many times but ALWAYS DO EVERYTHING FOR ALLAH, see the bigger purpose, be the one that torches the light within the darkness, be the one that on one hand holds on to the rope of Allah and on the other hand holding on to others so that they do not fall into the pit trap of the nafs and sins.
Have dreams that can serve this ummah well, have dreams to help others reach Allah because,

at the end of it all, our dreams are all the same, our dream is to gaze at Allah and Him looking at us with the biggest love and mercy and tells us that we did it, we survived the trials to be with Him and we deserve the best treatment in akhirah. Don't you want that?

So Dear Muslimah, set your intentions right and work hard on this dream, Bismillah we can do this❤️