Oh Allah, Forgive Me


There will be moments, that will make you happy and there will be moments that will make you sad. Both moments are equally Allah’s creations and Allah’s way in preparing us for what is to come in the future.

We tend to only see our happiness as blessings from above, but little did we appreciate the hardships that Allah have blessed upon us. Allah have created challenges and trials in our lives not because we are bad creations but He wants us to learn and be better Muslims.

Even Rasulullah was tested in many ways, and his trials are even more challenging than many of us, does it mean that Allah does not love him?

Imagine trillion of humans in this dunia yet Allah have chosen some of us to go through a set of difficulties and His rewards is even better than what this dune can hold. Believe that Allah will reward us with a beautiful hikmah, an unexpected rezqi and happiness the we could ever imagine after this challenging times

For you, who are going through hard times, i know how difficult it is to believe that what you are experiencing now is not permanent. But trust me, dear you, it will be over soon.

All you need to do now is to make plenty of doa and rely on HIM, for HE is the Most Beneficent and The Most Merciful.