Armoured With Kindness


Dear Muslimah

For everything you have been through, never change the way you are just because of how cruel ppl have mistreat you. Let them be that way. You're not that, you're just not that.

You are sensitive towards ppl feelings, you are kind and even more kind to your enemies. You are strong in your will but your heart is not hard. You love everyone who comes and go because they make you learn and experience tough times to be where you are now.

You put up walls but there is an entrance door and you give away the keys to who you think deserve it to let them in. Because you just don't know how to be cruel and to hate ppl. It is not in you. You are not taught that way. 
You tried to curse and hurt, you tried but all that came out was doa and cries asking forgiveness from Allah and ask Allah to forgive them.

You are happy for their happiness eventhough they hate you because you loved them and who says love needs to be 2?
One love towards another and you never get anything in return but oh how you could tell them that " i love you not for you"

You smile to them as they smirk at you thinking you are crazy. You are hurt inside but all you know is to mend it by making others happy.
For everyone that comes and go, you may be a friend or a foe but you will never let them kill your kindness that is within you.

Not many knows you the way you do, but Allah knows and He lets a certain soul see through your soul for He created you in pairs but maybe it isnt you and him. Passing life and time you both were meant to reach a higher purpose maybe not now but there will be a reason behind it

And you say this to those who have the keys to the door within the walls that you've built around your heart "For those that sees my soul, you are neither my friend nor my foe you are more than that and only Allah knows"