A Twist Of Fate

Dear Muslimah,

A twist of fate is not fictional. It exist.
A twist of fate is takdir that was written in the Luh Mahfuz. 
It caught us by surprise because we didn't know it was going to happen, we didnt't know how our story goes, who we will meet, or when we are going to die.
We cannot see our future neither can we see what is coming to us.

I have a cousin, he was good looking, he was strong, he was taught to treat everyone with respect. He is that cousin, who entertains my kids, during his NS years, he was there for me when he got to know i was going through a divorce. He encourage me and advise me, he is someone who i respected for his knowledge in Islam. He is the one who teaches my boys to perform solat.

Last 2 years,he got married and I was so happy for him. All our family loves him because he deserves all the happiness.
A few months after he got married, something happened to him. To cut the story short, he was diagnosed with blood clog that interferes with his nerves in his brain, which he has to go through a 7 hours of surgery. It happens so fast, that it was too unexpected for all of us. I remembered at that point of time, i was handling a Youth Boys Camp, with the youths. It was the 2nd night of the camp when i got the news.

I wanted to leave the camp, but I was tied to a responsibility. And because my cousin lives in Johor with his family, there is nothing i can do. My mum texted me that night and asked me to make doa for him as he went through the surgery.
I cried that night away from my youths as I didnt want them to see me sad. I pretend nothing happen but I couldn't sleep even after a tiring day.

Soon after, the next day my mum updated me on his condition and he had to go through several surgeries and procedures. Till a news broke, he was in a coma for about 3 days. When he finally woke up, he couldn't move, he was paralised and he could only move his eyes and nothing more.

It broke us into pieces, but his wife is super strong, she was pregnant with their first when this happen. Me and the rest of our family, all the cousins, aunts and uncles went to visit him in JB hospital. At that time, the kids were with their dad, and as I looked at him, in the hospital, I can't help but cry. He wanted to communicate with me, I can see so much pain in his eyes. In his hands, there is a cloth that he often hold when he is in pain.I remember saying to him, "Kau kuat, kau akan go through this, sebab anak kau nak tgk kau. You are going to be okay." His tears welled up and he blinked his eyes to respond to what i was saying.

No one at that point of time can hold their tears, we had to pretend to be strong in front of him. But as soon as we went out, we cried our hearts out, we were asking so many questions, on how this could happen and we realized that, it was written and we have to accept this and believe that all this is to cleanse his sins in dunya.

His wife till now, she is always there. She changed his diapers, she sticks to him, she talked to him, she encourage and motivates him. She took care of their son Umar. She gave their child that name because he wanted to. It is his favorite sahabah of Rasulullah.

I can see now why that name is blessed upon his son. Umar will be the strength of his family. Till now, my cousin is still unable to move. However he has made progress and he is out of the hospital to be taken care of by his family.

It is amazing that his wife have so much strength in her, their love is definitely being tested, their commitment, their sabr, everything is being tested. Umar is close to 5 months old now, and I made doa that Allah will protect and strengthen their bonds till Jannah. My cousin who used to be healthy is now lying in bed not moving, Allah test him in those ways because Allah knows that he can cope with it.

At the end of it all Allah have written everything for us. Appreciate the little things we can do before it is taken away from us. Be thankful for the things you can eat, the easiness to clear your bladder, the movement of your fingers, little things like this. Allah can take it anytime and we are his slave, we are powerless, we are nothing in this world without Allah.

So if you have done something wrong, apologize even if it is rejected. Khidmat your parents while you still can. Take care of your health because it is an amanah to you. Appreciate everyone around you. Do as many amalan , chase as many knowledge,do what you love, but most importantly, please Allah first.

Im crying while typing this on my laptop, because it is a wakeup call for me when that happen. That is why i do not hate those who hurt me, because i want them to be forgiven as much as i want others to forgive me when i hurt them knowingly or unknowingly.
Our life is a story that has beginnings, climax, endings, it has it all. We can never run from it, we can never avoid it, but we can push through it, we can strive to be better.

I end my post by asking a favour to make doa for Syed Md Adnin Bin Md Jamil. May Allah heal him, may Allah grant his wife strength when she needs it most, May Umar bin Syed Md Adnin grows up to be a good person just like his dad.