A Moment Of Forgiveness

Dear Muslimah,

It is time to forgive.
Forgive that person who hurt you, forgive that family member who looks down on you, forgive that friend who left you, forgive everyone that keeps breaking your heart but most importantly, it is time for you to forgive yourself.

It is easier for you to forgive those who have hurt you because one day you will learn that they are merely human beings who naturally have many flaws just like you and me. One morning, we will wake up and just forgive them.

Im talking about that feeling of regrets,disappointments,sadness,anger that you have within yourself. Those questions that bugs you every time when you keep thinking about the past.

"Why did i do that?"
"I was so stupid to fall for that"
"I should have listen to my instincts"
"I should be better than this" 
"Maybe I am just not good enough for anyone"

Forgive dear muslimah, forgive yourself and accept that life happens, mistakes are made to make you learn. If you do not make mistakes, you won't learn and the word "experience" won't exist.

Forgive as how Allah will forgive you for all your sins. Imagine the mercy of Allah is given to you, and at every prayer, every doa, He caress you with His powers to ease your pain.

Now all you need to do is forgive yourself for the things that you did in the past, as there are no wonders in forgiving except when you learn to have courage to say
" Oh Allah, I have forgiven me".

And when you start your journey of forgiving yourself, you will move on and live better and that is when Allah will redirect you to Him, blooms your heart with contentment and indescribable happiness

Have faith, forgive and love yourself first before anyone else in this world because when you take good care of yourself, you are embracing Allah's creation. Which is YOU.

He created you in the most unique way that you could have ever imagine so don't be cruel to yourself, don't do that, if you deserve His forgiveness and He has forgiven, nothing can beat that not even you.

Promise me will you? 
Put your hand to your heart and say this "I forgive me" :")