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As we grow older, our days are limited and we question ourselves if we have done enough to be able to enter paradise.

We have committed too many sins and we are still struggling to defeat our nafs. Often we regret the things we have done and seek forgiveness from Him.

However, we still do not know what lies in our fate.

In this session, Aku Bukan Bidadari, we will discuss on

-what we can do to fight our nafs

-how do we seek repentance from Allah

-how we can reconstruct our hearts to be close to Him

-the things we need to do to achieve Jannah

Join us for this heart to heart session of Standby Tissue with our guest speaker, Ustazah Tuty Alawiyah as we share and discuss on how we can be women of Jannah.

About The Speaker

Ustazah Tuty Alawiyah Binte Ahmad (BA in Arabic Language and Literature_Al Azhar University Cairo Eqypt) is a Quranic Educator,( FB Friends Of Quran.) A certified Quranic Healing Practitioner and a Freelance Speaker who have spoken at South Korea, Indonesia,Malaysia and Singapore.

Event Location:

A'Posh BizHub - 1 Yishun Industrial Street 1 #06-16 S(768160)